Episode #2: The Winner’s Edit – Ghost Island E01 & E02 Discussion


Here in Episode 2, we begin to see how our pre-season predictions are panning out as we cover the two-hour premiere of Ghost Island. Along the way we talk about who’s exceeding expectations, what first and second boots Gonzalez and Jacob mean for the rest of the season, how next episode’s swap changes our lens on this episode, and we talk about Angela, Bradley, Chelsea, and Libby longer than all four of them combined have been featured on this show. We wrap it up with the stories that are starting to emerge, winner contenders, and predictions for next episode and the rest of the pre-merge.

Show Notes

    • Joe wants to apologize for the mismatched volumes on these first two episodes – no podcast can escape the curse of bad starting audio quality! We should have it worked out by Episode 3.
    • Dan’s Edgic
    • Joe’s Edgic
    • InsideSurvivor’s Introduction to Edgic – We just barely dipped our toes into Edgic throughout this episode, but we can’t say the same for future episodes as the season goes on. This article provides the basics, or you can checkout the edgic subreddit for a deeper dive.
    • A special thanks to M4Milo from Unspoiled and his treasure trove of confessional logs from ALL seasons of Survivor, which Dan referenced multiple times throughout this episode. It’s a great thing to have on hand as this season starts out!

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